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What We Can Do for You?

Sun Coast provides diagnostic and repair services for all your on-site
oxygen needs. Along side providing preventative maintenance.


Oxygen Generators

-Replace air filters
-Rebuild/replace oxygen purge solenoid valves
-Rebuild/replace drain valves
-Replace molecular sieve material
-Check for proper operation and function of all valves and purging
-Check and record oxygen purity

Air Compressors

-Replace all air filters on the compressor
-Rebuild compressor heads / or Replace compressor (oil-less compressor)
-Change compressor oil and filter (rotary screw compressor)
-Replace belts, tubing, hoses
-Check/replace air relief and load/unload valves as necessary

Sun Coast offers in-house specialists to perform repairs on AirSep self-
contained systems such as Topaz, Topaz Plus, and Topaz Ultra, as well as
Onyx, Onyx Plus, Onyx Ultra, Reliant, Centrox oxygen generators.
Simply box or crate the systems up and send your unit to our select
locations and a highly qualified service Sun Coast technician will rapidly
diagnose, clean, and repair your oxygen system to ensure your unit is
ready for many years of reliable operation.

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